Communication Skills



Communication involves sharing a message through a two way  interaction. Communication skills include words, tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, eye contact and gestures. It also includes the use of the written word and pictures.


Communication skills are important for life!

Films for parents: Through the eyes of a child

'What to expect, when' parent handbook




A child's speech, language and communication skills will develop in stages. Although each child's development can be slightly different, children are expected to develop specific skills by a certain age.


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We use a tree to represent how communication develops from the foundations of language (the roots of the tree) to the use of clear speech sounds (the leaves at the top of the tree).






We have also used a cake to represent the development of language. The foundations of language are represented by the ingredients. The environment and appropriate stimulation are represented by a wooden spoon. The base of the cake represents the child's understanding of language. The next layer represents the child's use of language. The icing on the top of the cake represents the speech sounds. If any of the ingredients are missing (the foundations of language), the cake won't rise and may not taste as good.


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